Ecosystem by Farmwall
Ecosystem by Farmwall

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About Us

Farmwall is a social enterprise that develops the tools and experiences to teach how to grow food in a sustainable way. 

Why You Should Join Us

We are creating a healthy, educated and connected community of Australians through meaningful interactions with food that also benefit the environment.

This Mighty Networks channel is for you! We have multiple private channels for educators and urban farmers so you can share and receive the best possible resources. 

We will be sharing exclusive events and promotions through our Mighty Networks channel where you will also be able to connect with other farmers and the Farmwall team for any technical help.

That's right! Support will only be a click away! 

A Big Thanks

Thank you for your sharing support, enthusiasm and excitement with us thus far. We truly believe our cities can feed our planet, and that we can achieve wellbeing for all through education, sustainability and good nutrition.